2nd WG1 Meeting "Towards an international typology of social enterprise models: Progress, perspectives and common trends

Jan 16 - Jan 17, 2019



The second scientific meeting of the Working Group on theoretical foundations of SE (WG1 Foundations”) will revolve on emerging country contributions, transversal chapters and chapters utilizing the ICSEM database.

The event is co-organized by the Corvinus University of Budapest (CUB) and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences – Centre for Economic and Regional Studies (CERS HAS).

Since the 1stWG1 meeting in Lisbon the first full drafts of nine country contributions (working papers in which the discursive and institutional context for social enterprises in a respective country is described) has been developed and peer-reviewed by members of the COST Empower-SE Action. Three transversal chapters and two chapters based on the ICSEM database are also being developed; the first drafts will be finalized in January 2019, right before the 2ndWG1 meeting.

The 2ndWG1 meeting on the theoretical foundations of social enterprises has three main objectives. The first objective of this event is to provide space for authors emerging through the COST Empower-SE network to expand on the progress they made since the 1stWG1 meeting in Lisbonin developing their country contributions. The second objective of the event is to provide space for discussing newly emerging transversal chapters and chapters utilizing the ICSEM database (see the two calls for papers here).

The third objective of this event is to provide networking opportunity between Hungarian SE scholars, policy-makers and social enterprises and researchers of the COST Empower-SE network. Innovative conference networking formats, such as a stakeholder panel, a scientific pitching and poster session, as well as a World Café with six tables will provide space for an interactive exchange between the various stakeholders.

In addition to WG1 meeting, the Empower-SE Management Committee will hold its third meeting and the Core Group of the Action will also meet while in Budapest.