Action number: CA16206
Duration: November 2017 – November 2021
The main aim is to overcome existing knowledge and geographic fragmentation regarding social enterprises (SE) and empowering the next generation of SE scholars while foresting evidence-based policy and interaction with stakeholders.

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Documentary & videos

EMPOWER-SE Documentary

This documentary serves to recognize the EMES scientific community and the debate generated regarding social enterprises (SEs) with particular emphasis on early-stage researchers, supported by the COST Action.

EMPOWER-SE Documentary teaser

While the documentary is being finalized, we feature the teaser that we prepared for the closing digital meeting of the Action.

Stories behind the researchers | Interviewing Andrés & Linda in Malta

Want to hear about Andres' exposure to new research with plural perspectives and the interaction of SE with the cultural sector? Or maybe how Linda explains the increase regarding research thanks to the international network as a positive effect on her own University? Don't miss it!

Stories behind the researchers | Meryem in Seville

Meryem is a young researcher that strives to discover what make social entrepreneurs so different from other entrepreneurs. Let her explain you how important this community event was to craft her work beside other helpful tips.

Stories behind the researchers | Samira in Lisbon

In this video, you'll discover how our participants benefited from both high academic profile presentations and exposure. Most of us would agree with the fact that these are very certainly the most essential ingredients of meaningful scientific events. Don't you?

Stories behind the researchers | Mihai in Lisbon

If you watch Mihai's videos, not only will you hear from an experienced SE-researcher but you'll also learn the material and financial support that one can get from our COST ACTION. Make sure to watch him!

Stories behind the researchers | Tsvetelina in Lisbon

Every story is unique! This is why you need to hear from Tsvetelina! This talented Bulgarian researcher will certainly shed the light on the contribution of our COST ACTION for a early career investigators!