Action number: CA16206
Duration: November 2017 – November 2021
The main aim is to overcome existing knowledge and geographic fragmentation regarding social enterprises (SE) and empowering the next generation of SE scholars while foresting evidence-based policy and interaction with stakeholders.

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[S02E05] Stories behind the researchers | Orsolya in Marseille

In this video, Osolya tells her story about her experience of our Marseille Training School. You'll learn that empowering the young generation of SE-scholars is far from an abstract endeavor! By watching her video, you'll see that facilitating the participation of early-career investigators is a real thing!

[S03E01] Stories behind the researchers | Julianna and Melinda in Budapest

Did you know that we also organized an event in Budapest in January 2019? If you want to hear about how beneficial it was, we invite you to hear Julianna and Melinda's accounts! These insights are precious as both researchers have also taken an active part in the organization of the workshop!

[S03E04] Stories behind the researchers | Silvia in Budapest

If you want to her from an experienced and extremely active member, you cannot miss Silvia's insights. Besides helping us organize our WG 1 Foundations Meeting in Lisbon last year, she also took part in our Budapest Workshop. She has lots to tell when it comes to addressing the challenges linked to the interdisciplinary nature and issues related to SE-research!

[S03E05] Stories behind the researchers | Slobodan in Budapest

Watch what Slobodan has to say about our Research Workshop organized in January 2019! If you dare to click on the video, you will learn about her research project. You will also discover how COST empowered him. Wait for the end as she will also provide you with insightful pieces of advice regarding the analytical power of our community!
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