7th EMES International Research Conference ESCP

A total of 18 papers were published in 2019 as part of the 7th EMES International Research Conference on Social Enterprise co-organized with the EMPOWER-SE Action in Sheffield in June 2019.

The texts were selected based on the evaluation of the session chairs and this batch is composed of 18 articles including the Best Papers. The other 16 papers cover a vast area of research topics including bottom-up dialogue at the local level, participatory local governance, social innovation and policy, social and solidarity economy, empowerment, the commons; scaling up and replication; crowdfunding, resource optimization, impact investment; critical work on the notion of SE itself; as well as reflections on what factors affect the choice of structures when setting up social enterprises. Cases described as well as countries of origins of the authors include Bolivia, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Peru, Sweden, United Kingdom, etc.

All the papers listed below are ready to download:


7EMESconf is available to download in this link.

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