Proceedings. Tackling the migration and Refugee Challenge

The 1st WG 2 Research Workshop “Tackling the migration and Refugee Challenge” organized in Trento (Nov 22-24, 2018) focused on the potential of local communities to self-organize and design effective solutions for tackling the challenges posed by migrations to local societies, namely through the creation of innovative organizations.

The thematic lines included in the original call were:

  1. Housing arrangements and pathways for asylum seekers and refugees: state of the art, dilemmas, ways ahead.
  2. Innovative tools and methodologies aimed to facilitate the social and work inclusion of asylum seekers and refugees in EU countries.
  3. Migrants, refugees and asylum seekers living in mountain and rural localities: determinants of inclusion versus exclusion.
  4. Unlocking the potential of third sector organizations and social enterprises vis-à-vis the asylum seeker/refugee challenge.

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